Hanger 9 Katana 50 ARTF

Hanger 9 Katana 50 ARTF
Hanger 9 Katana 50 ARTF Hanger 9 Katana 50 ARTF Hanger 9 Katana 50 ARTF Hanger 9 Katana 50 ARTF Hanger 9 Katana 50 ARTF Hanger 9 Katana 50 ARTF Hanger 9 Katana 50 ARTF
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Brand: Hanger 9
Product Code: RCMA-HAN4170
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Price: £239.99
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ARTF Hotship!

The Katana 50 has been conceived with the serious 3D flyer in mind. Designed from the ground up as a high performance aerobatic performer the model features a carefully selected airfoil section to the wing and tail surfaces that combine to give the model outstanding 3D performance and aerobatic flight. Optional side force generators (SFG) enhance rudder control making for perfect sustained knife-edge manoeuvres.

Overall large flight control surfaces allow the Katana 50 to perform extreme aerobatics such as hovers, harriers, knife edge loops, blenders and just about anything else the pilot can throw at it, making it the perfect model with which pilots can perfect their aerobatic flying abilities.

The traditionally built model features a built-up balsa and plywood airframe that is both light and durable, whilst the two-piece plug in wings with carbon wing tubes make assembly and transport to the flying field convenient and easy. The fuselage has a large removable top-hatch that provides easy access to the fuel tank or flight batteries if you are using electric power in the Katana and the pre-painted fibreglass cowl and wheel spats are perfectly matched to the striking Ultracote yellow, red and silver colour scheme.

Hangar 9's clever design allows the Katana 50 to be powered by any .46 - .55 size two-stroke glow engine, or it may be set up with electric power straight from the box with no additional modification needed.

All of the mounting hardware is included and the E-flite Power52 brushless outrunner is the perfect partner for silent, powerful 3D aerobatics.

Key Features

  • Fully symmetrical wing and tail surfaces
  • Optimised wing section for 3D aerobatics
  • Balsa plywood construction
  • Two piece plug in wing
  • Two piece plug in tail plane
  • Electric power ready, motor mount included
  • Large easy access top hatch
  • Carbon wing and tail plane tubes
  • Pre-painted fibreglass cowl and wheel spats
  • Illustrated assembly guide
  • Comprehensive hardware pack
  • Pull-pull and direct link rudder servo mounting options
Electric Motor E-Flite Power 52 brushless outrunner
Engine .46-.55 2-Stroke .72-.82 4-Stroke
Length 1470mm
Radio System 4 Channel or more with 6+ servos, 5 for electric
Spinner 2 1/4"
Weight 3.00-3.4kg
Wing Area 53.2 dm2
Wingspan 1500mm

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