JetCat P20 SE Gas Turbine

JetCat P20 SE Gas Turbine
JetCat P20 SE Gas Turbine JetCat P20 SE Gas Turbine JetCat P20 SE Gas Turbine JetCat P20 SE Gas Turbine JetCat P20 SE Gas Turbine JetCat P20 SE Gas Turbine JetCat P20 SE Gas Turbine JetCat P20 SE Gas Turbine JetCat P20 SE Gas Turbine
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Brand: JetCat
Product Code: RCMA-JETCATP20SE
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Price: £1,699.00
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JetCat P20-SE turbine complete with starter

The new JetCat P20-SE engine fits perfectly in small, compact jet models where previously only EDF could be operated. No more compromises: Whether single or multiple engine, with approximate dimensions of a drinks can, the Jetcat P20-SE fits perfectly into miniature model jets with a light turbine weight of just 350g.

New Jetcat ECU V10.0

The completely redesigned V10.0 ECU is three times smaller than the V6.3 ECU, yet has all its proven capabilities and more. The new ECU comprises a high speed digital power bus for control and power supply of all engine peripherals (e.g. engine, fuel pump, solenoids, smoke pump, lighting systems, etc.) with a minimum of wiring connections. An on board precision pressure and ambient temperature sensor allows for optimum engine control, independent to environmental conditions.

Key Features

  • Full Electric Start
  • Reduced Size Jet-tronic ECU
  • Only one cable from ECU to engine
  • GSU (Display and Programmer)
  • 2 cell 910 mah LiPo battery
  • Magnetic Drive Miniature fuel pump No seals necessary between pump head and electric motor
  • Miniature solenoid valves for fuel and starting gas
  • Electronic Fuel valve
  • Fuel tubing, tubing connector set, filters, and cable set
  • Starting Gas Tank
  • Turbine mounting clamp
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • 3 Year warranty

All the proven Jetcat features are included

  • JetCat Startup
  • Miniature JetCat ECU V10.0 control, new fully digitised bus system for minimum Wiring
  • New specially adapted small accessories components such as Miniature ECU, valves, Micro-fuel pump, jumper cables & battery
  • Operation via 2s/1000mAh Lipo battery
  • Recommended Tank: 550-800ml
  • Connection to the ECU with a single connector!
  • CFD-optimised, 5-axis micro-machined compressor
  • Proven, gas start very fast, optional: JetCat Kerosene Start
  • Internal lubrication with 5% oil content
  • ID chip on the turbine side, for easy JetCat compatibility
Diameter 60mm
Exhaust gas temperature 690°C max
Fuel consumption 90ml/min (full power)
Length 180mm
Lubrication 5% fully synthetic turbine oil in the fuel
Maintenance interval 50 hrs
RPM Range 85000 - 245000rpm
Thrust 24N @ 245000 rpm
Weight 350g including starter motor

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