Futaba T18 MZ 18ch Combo 2.4GHz

Futaba T18 MZ 18ch Combo 2.4GHz
Futaba T18 MZ 18ch Combo 2.4GHz Futaba T18 MZ 18ch Combo 2.4GHz Futaba T18 MZ 18ch Combo 2.4GHz Futaba T18 MZ 18ch Combo 2.4GHz Futaba T18 MZ 18ch Combo 2.4GHz
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Brand: Futaba
Product Code: RCMA-CB18MZ
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Futaba 18-channel 2.4GHz Computer Radio System with R7008SB Receiver

It’s even more than the first Futaba 18-channel ever - it’s the only radio in the world manufactured with ground-breaking FASSTest™ technology!

The 18MZ is so revolutionary that it has the potential to change the way 2.4GHz systems are designed.

The potential offered by an 18-channel Futaba system is probably more than enough to make long-time fliers want to buy one. However, the 18MZ also offers the latest and best chapter in Futaba's 2.4GHz developments: new FASSTest technology.

While some information on the 18MZ and FASSTest is provided below, please be advised: it doesn't tell the full story on either topic. Quite the contrary: what you see are highlights; what we feel are the most meaningful, interesting (and solid!) facts available. There's much more to come on both in the future. However, what we can tell you is this:

About Futaba FASSTest Technology

  • It's simultaneously the most advanced technology available and fully backwards-compatible with Futaba FASST™, FHSS & S-FHSS systems
  • It's bi-directional. In plain language, it's capable of supporting telemetry functions

About the 18MZ System

  • It's the first true 18-channel Futaba radio system ever. It comes with an R7000SB receiver, as well as transmitter and receiver batteries
  • The R7008SB is a high-voltage design that lets you use as many — or as few — channels as you want
  • You can operate on up to 8 channels using the 8 standard PWM inputs. Servo options are wide open, ranging from simple analog to S.Bus and new S.Bus2 servos
  • You have access to up to 18 channels (16 proportional + 2 digital) through the 18MZ's two S.Bus2 ports. That means simpler, more foolproof setup and full support for S.Bus and S.Bus2 servos
  • It features a SD Card slot. Slide a card in the slot, and you have ample (and adjustable) capacity for updates, model memory and more
  • It includes versatile "internal memory". It's not just for model/setup data; it can also be used for sound and picture files. That's especially nice, since the 18MZ has!
  • A built-in 0.3M megapixel camera. No need for a digital camera or even a flip phone. Just point the 18MZ, click and you have a foolproof picture ID of your model in seconds
  • It includes a 6" touch screen with 640x240 resolution. Big, brilliant and backlit for easy viewing anywhere, it provides sparkling clarity on remarkably little power. Gentle finger pressure is all that's needed for fast, easy navigation and programming
  • You can download software updates online. This is a standard feature for Futaba computer systems, and easily one of the most popular customer "perks." It's a fast and easy way to keep your system "current"
  • A 7.4V, 3500mAh LiPo transmitter battery is standard equipment
  • It features a built-in U.S.B. Port. You can use it to connect a memory stick or connect it to a keyboard or mouse or use it to download telemetry data to your PC or laptop for storage and reference
  • It includes a Serial Interface, too. Futaba already offers a stand-alone serial interface (the CIU-2) for programming the travel, endpoint and other functions of S.Bus and S.Bus2 servos. This built-in (and the free download) lets you do the same with the 18MZ
  • Stick angle adjusts quickly and easily. First introduced on the 14MZ, the adjustable gimbal angles feature has proven so popular that it was included on the 18MZ, as well. It's more than a comfort/convenience feature; it allows you to customize your control setup for greater ease and precision

Futaba 18MZ Summary

  • S-FHSS/FASST/FASSTest Transmission Modes
  • Inbuilt Telemetry System
  • 18 Channels
  • Dedicated 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • Extended Operating Time of at Least 6 Hours
  • Unlimited Model Memories (Using Optional SD Card/s)
  • S-Bus Servo Programming System
  • HVGA Soft-Touch Screen with LED Backlighting
  • Integral Camera
  • Visual and Audible Telemetry Outputs
  • FTR Compatible
Channels 18
LiPo 3,500mAh
Modulation FASST, FASSTest, S-FHSS, FHSS

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