Spektrum DX 8 Combo Deal

Spektrum DX 8 Combo Deal
Spektrum DX 8 Combo Deal Spektrum DX 8 Combo Deal Spektrum DX 8 Combo Deal Spektrum DX 8 Combo Deal Spektrum DX 8 Combo Deal Spektrum DX 8 Combo Deal Spektrum DX 8 Combo Deal
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Brand: Spektrum
Product Code: RCMA-SPM8800
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Price: £349.99

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Spektrum DX 8 Combo Deal with AR8000 Receiver

Combining Spektrum industry-leading 2.4GHz DSM technology with real-time telemetry in this DX8 represents a breakthrough in 8-channel sport-level radio systems. The telemetry module is expandable based on the module needs; the module is capable of supporting Quality of Signal (Antenna Fades, Frame losses, holds), Receiver Pack Voltage, RPM, Temperature and Flight Pack Voltage. Enthusiasts can add the safety of real-time telemetry and monitor vital aircraft stats right from their transmitter without any additional equipment. Keep your engine operating in the optimum temperature range, keep an eye on your battery voltage, and check out just how fast your aircraft is running all right from the large LCD readout of the DX8.

Spektrum innovation gives RC pilots a new level of security and ease-of-use with the DX8. In addition to providing the benefits of Spektrum's patent-pending DSM2 technology, the DX8 introduces advances in software, telemetry and ergonomics you simply won't find in any other 8-channel system.

The DX8 is Spektrum's first aircraft system that incorporates integrated telemetry. The transmitter's screen displays real-time telemetry including receiver battery voltage, flight log data and signal quality. External sensors allow rpm, external voltage and temperature to be displayed on screen in real time. Alarms can be programmed to warn of low battery, over temperature, exceeded rpm and diminished RF signal strength.

The DX8 offers sophisticated programming to meet the demands of even the most experienced airplane and helicopter pilots. An easy-to-use rolling selector combined with intuitive software makes setting up models quick and easy. The DX8 is SD-card compatible allowing an infinite number of models to be stored and transferred. Plus firmware updates can be downloaded from the web providing you with the latest software upgrades at the click of a mouse.

Key Features

  • High-speed 11ms frame rate with 2048 resolution
  • 30-model internal memory
  • Large 128 x 64 backlit screen
  • Includes TM1000 Full Range Telemetry Module providing real-time Flight Log data, receiver voltage, flight pack voltage, RPM and temperature
  • Includes AR8000 8-channel High-Speed Receiver
  • Includes 2000mAh Ni-MH battery pack
  • Includes SD card for Spektrum Data Interface
  • Includes global 12V charger with adapters for international use
  • Includes Spektrum neckstrap
  • 4 user-selectable control modes (Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3 and Mode 4)
  • Spektrum Data Interface for expanded model memory, model sharing, and firmware updates
  • Exclusive Spektrum AirWare™ software
  • SimpleScroll™ programming interface for easy menu navigation
  • Electronic E-ring electronically prevents overdriving the cyclic servos
  • 5-point graphic tail curve
  • 5-point graphic throttle and pitch curve
  • Active gain and governor trim allows in-flight adjustment
  • Swash plate timing
  • Telemetry alerts (vibe and audible)
  • 4 swash plate types
  • 3-position flap switch with flap delay and elevator compensation programming
  • 8 wing types and 5 tail types
  • Language select (English, Italian, French, Spanish or German)
  • User-assigned switch function
  • Programmable throttle cut
  • Refined ergonomics with no-slip comfort grips
  • Programmable timer with throttle timer startup
  • Quad bearing gimbals
Band 2.4GHz
Channels 8
Model Memory 30
Model Types Airplane and Heli
Modes Selectable 1, 2, 3 or 4
Modulation DSM2/DSMX
Receiver AR8000

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