ST Model MX 2 EP ARTF 2.4G

ST Model MX 2 EP ARTF 2.4G
ST Model MX 2 EP ARTF 2.4G ST Model MX 2 EP ARTF 2.4G ST Model MX 2 EP ARTF 2.4G ST Model MX 2 EP ARTF 2.4G
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Brand: ST Models
Product Code: RCMA-STM050
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Includes 2.4GHz Radio Control System

The ST Models MX-2 is based on the full size, aerobatic aircraft of the same name and then modified for model flying characteristics.

Supplied complete with powerful 920Kv brushless motor, 12 x 6 propeller, 4 channel 2.4GHz AFHSS radio, a 30A brushless ESC, four powerful new 9g servos and with them all pre-installed. All that is needed is 30 minutes of final assembly and applying the stunning colour decals.

Setups are provided for both sports and 3D flying (even mixes). For serious 3D pilots, the movements make maneouvres like static loops, rolls and the 'waterfall' and 'parachute' quite within your reach.

To provide that 3D control power with precision has been achieved with a totally new servo amplifier to give high resolution and holding power combined with strong torque. The control pushrods are kept short by placing each servo close to the surface it is operating.

Using a 3S 2100-2500mAh Li-Po, there is enough power to hover vertically with ease and then punch out straight up! The choice of a 12 x 6 propeller limits the 'torque' turn effect and eases current consumption by matching the load and motor power/Kv rating effectively. Torque rolls are possible in both directions. Access to the battery is via a clip-in underside hatch, simple!

Like all ST models, the airframe is moulded accurately in 'ding' resistant EPO foam. The wings are removable by removing the two quick turn locking screws and sliding out of the fuselage, great for compact transportation. Access to the radio compartment requires pulling off the clip-on canopy moulding.

The tough, aluminium undercarrige soaks up those landings on our club patches so well, but the model is hardly moving forward anyway!

As a model to hone your aerobatic skills or just cruise around on a Sunday afternoon, the ST Models MX-2 is hard to beat.

Sports and 3D flying! Have a ball!

Key Features

  • New 36A ESC for improved durability in all conditions
  • Tinted real canopy for better scale appearance
  • Strengthened internal undercarriage mounting for better rough field durability
  • Side thrust to offset torque in hovering and low speed manouevres
Electric Motor Brushless (Included)
Length 1106mm
LiPo Intellect 3S 2100/2500mah 20C (Required)
Radio System ST 5 channel 2.4GHz Tx & Rx (Included)
Recommended Propeller 12 x 6 (Included)
Servos 4 x 9g (Included)
Speed Controller 26A Brushless (Included)
Weight 960g
Wing Area 27.3 dm2
Wing Loading 35.16 g/dm2
Wingspan 1210mm

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